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The game takes place in the zombie-apocalyptic world and lets you assume the role of the Survivor. According to the story, the military complex has become the house of zombies, as hundreds of hundred blood-thirsty creatures fill the storehouse, offices, and secret laboratories. The game tasks you to fight…. Video Website. Games Like Alien Shooter.

The game takes place between the events of Halo 4 and Halo 3. According to the story, the alien factions are threatened the game world and you are selected for the game to fend off aliens from destroying the world. The ultimate task is to explore…. Games Like Halo: Spartan Assault. Android iOS Win Mac. The game focuses on battle, quest and craft elements and lets the player get into the role of the protagonist, who is a female named Flux Dabes, a galactic trucker. It offers an exciting story revolves around the protagonist and his shipment that gets derailed by an alien race known as Hewgodooko and….

Games Like Crashlands.

Android iOS. The game is available to play on Android and iOS platforms and includes the epic mega boss battles. It takes place in the sci-fi world and lets the player get into the role of the protagonist who is an agent in F. D and armed with newly advanced and destructive weapons.

The ultimate task of…. Quest Single Player Top Down. Games Like Gun Bros. Android iOS Phone Win.

Ski On Neon Answers for iPhone - iPad

New games come out pretty frequently for the Apple TV, and while there are thankfully more games that work well with the Siri Remote, there are also many that just cry out for a dedicated gamepad. All of these games are noticeably improved by having analog sticks and buttons at hand, and while only Minecraft actually requires a gamepad, they collectively make a strong case for spending the extra cash to make the Apple TV feel more like a dedicated game console. Still need to snag an Apple TV gamepad?

Automating firing makes it more manageable, but the tiny touchpad makes movement feel too fidgety.

1. Alien Shooter

Add in a gamepad, however, and Geometry Wars 3: And Dimensions Evolved is absolutely packed with content, including a campaign and the classic arcade modes of earlier entries. Why would video game pinball need a full gamepad? Grab a gamepad and you can use the flick the triggers to bat the digital ball around the dozens of available boards.

Buttons just feel a lot more responsive here than Siri Remote swipes. While solidly playable with the Siri Remote, Octodad is a lot more fun with a gamepad, as it removes the frustration of needing to switch between upper tentacles for grabbing things and lower ones for walking. Octodad is worth experiencing on any device you have—including an iPhone or iPad—but this former console game really shines on a big screen with a gamepad.

Spend a couple minutes with Modern Combat 5: Luckily, a gamepad solves all problems here: Modern Combat 5 emulates the Call of Duty console game template, and it feels right at home with analog sticks and triggers.

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The quick-hit missions are solid fun, and the multiplayer combat is a delight if you can find enough players to face off against. Switching to a gamepad makes it feel much more like a console-like simulation, however, offering more precise steering and better control over acceleration and braking.

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The Apple TV version actually improves upon the Sega Genesis original, thanks to widescreen support and a remastered soundtrack, but it plays just as well as the original—again, when using a proper gamepad instead of the Siri Remote. Switch to a gamepad, however, and Oceanhorn better resembles the classic games it emulates, giving you precise control of your hero on land and at sea. Granted, Minecraft: Building structures, crafting tools, and exploring the randomly-generated worlds feels pretty intuitive with a gamepad, and as ever, Minecraft is an endlessly replayable sandbox experience that you can savor time and again.

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AG Drive has you hold the Siri Remote sideways while keeping your thumb on the touchpad, sliding in either direction to whip around the wild curves. This works well enough, but using an analog stick makes steering feel so much smoother and gives you more command on the track.

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Rather than give you a board full of dots to chomp up, Championship Edition DX drops in new sets of dots as you eat the others, plus the game gets faster and faster as each level carries on. It puts a frenzied, yet strategic twist on the old favorite, plus the colorful neon aesthetic is a real treat. With levels and plenty of variety in the mix, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX can keep you playing for ages—and it controls so much better with a real directional pad under your thumb, rather than swiping with the Siri Remote. This feature-packed racer plops you on top of a futuristic jet ski contraption for aquatic antics as you speed past rivals, catch crazy air off of ramps, and even evade police pursuers on the choppy waves.

Renegade looks fantastic on the Apple TV and plays best with a gamepad, offering added nuance as you steer through the rapids, take tough turns, and try to finish first in each frantic race. In addition to a single-player campaign mode, the latest Riptide game includes live online competition and local split-screen battles for up to four players. Like those old favorites, Dandara finds you navigating a large, maze-like labyrinth of rooms, each packed with unique threats and hard-to-find secrets.

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Dandara is chaotic and challenging, with gorgeous pixel graphics and pulsing tunes propelling the action—and it's simply not built for the Siri Remote. All Slides. Take control. Geometry Wars 3: