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Thanks, thats what i was thinking to but was hoping for a faster, easier way to arrange the home screens. Bummer, but thanks for the help. Feb 11, Aug 17, Best suggestion on the whole page,!! Dec 22, I like to move whole pages depending on where i'm going IE vacation mode puts all my work icons on the last page, and travel icons on main page Dec 26, That such a basic feature is missing from iOS is baffling. How do i rearrange my ipad home screens More Less.

How to rearrange icons or move icons from one Home Screen to another on the iPad and iPhone

Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Just simply hold the icon first with your finger so that they all start to jiggle. After that it will move to another page.

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    Move apps icons to another iPad screen (different Home screens)

    You can move and arrange folders in the same way as apps. Most people have dozens of apps on their iPhone.

    If you had to jam all of those into folders on a single screen, you'd have a mess that isn't nice to look at or easy to use. That's where multiple screens come in. You can swipe side to side to access these other screens, called pages.

    There are lots of different ways to use pages. For instance, you can just use them as overflow so that new apps get added there as you install them. On the other hand, you could order them by app type: All music apps go on one page, all productivity apps on another. A third approach is to organize pages by location:

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